27 June 2012


Get it? Bonners+Bahamas=Bahonners

I guess when you have to explain it, it dilutes the cleverness.

Once again, thanks to my hard-working husband, we earned a fabulous trip this last March. We were guests at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.
Highlights: Waterpark, sunshine, friends, huge aquarium, visiting the straw market, and relaxing poolside. Also, I got my very first swedish massage at the spa. I probably should have listed that first.
Lows: Scary eels in the huge aquarium (I have a scary snorkeling experience involving eels, it was very traumatic) and the 7 mile trek across the whole resort to get to breakfast. But really, when you're getting almost all your meals for free, there's not really a lot to complain about.
Enjoy the pictures:
 Here we are at dinner one night. Evidently, I had spent a lot of time in the sun that day.
 One of the many beautiful views around the grounds of the resort. There were marine life all over!
                                              Real, true life sharks. Not as scary as the eels.
 Eww, aren't they gross? They just look so sinister. Like they want to take you to an evil sea witch...
 One night for dinner, we went to a really fancy restaurant, and this was my dinner. Oh, gosh, it was delicious. This might have been the second favorite part of my trip...
                                           Perusing the goods at the straw market.
                                           An old church. I just like old buildings, so I took a picture.
                                              Jeff and Stacie in front of an actual pirate looting.
                  The Atlantis also has a marina where people dock their multi-million dollar yachts.
                                                       The whole MRI pacesetter gang.
 As we were coming in to land at the Nassau airport. The pinkish-looking buildings in the back, taller than anything else is the Atlantis Resort where we stayed. It was a super nice resort.
 Here's the view from outside our hotel room window. Not bad, eh?
 This was a guy walking around the 'straw market' which was a big swap meet, and he reminded me of a pinata. And he was singing. So, that was awesome.
 Atlantis is the big pink buildings in the back, towering over everything.
 Isn't my husband awesome? He totally made this shot. Because he's awesome.
                                                 And attractive.
                                           My friend Jaime and I, in a conga line. I love this girl!
                                     I love her so much that I jump into her pictures with her husband.
                         Mandie, Jaime, Stacie and Tiff- just after we plunged down 50 foot waterslides.
                                           Apparently, Jeff didn't think it was as funny as I did.
                               Yep, that's a great white shark in there. He's just a baby, though.
                                          An ancient temple, you say? Tricked you! It's a waterslide!!
                                                          This is a palm tree on the beach.
So there's our Bahama trip. It sure was a good time!


Ally said...

Such a flippin' fun trip. One place we haven't been yet. Now, the water slide...I'm hyperventilating just thinking about it. Not my cup of tea. Glad you had a blast!

Courtnie said...

Don't you love how in the group pic I am sans shoes to guarantee I am shorter than Tay. Seriously, why didn't they zoom in on yours. Can't wait until August and being baby free so we can spend more time together!